Classlead updates for December 2013 - Part 1

Date: 12/05/2013 at 17:22
From: Tecton, the Terraformer
To : Everyone
Subj: Classlead updates for December 2013 - Part 1

We're pleased to announce release of our first batch of classlead changes. The details are as follows:

- SULPHUR / MERCURY now have an increased number of sips before they fade.
- SILVER has a new additional function, when used without a target, it has a chance to draw out BLACKWIND/ASTRALFORM'ed adventurers in the room.

- HUMOURISM balance is now required to touch a shield tattoo.
- CORRUPTION now has a third person message when it fades.

- DEADEYES has been moved down the skill tree. It will now scale in speed with the Apostate's skill level.
- DEADEYES mana cost has been lowered.
- TRUESTARE has been moved up in the skill tree.

- BLACKWIND now has a small delay in its completion.

Two Arts
- IMPALESLASH'ed adventurers now have a lower willpower cost when CLOT'ing.

- BURST damage has been increased.
- PHOENIX shin energy cost has been reduced.

- POUND will now bypass the Shield of Absorption's defensive runes on frozen targets.
- TRUMPET can no longer be performed while prone.

- HIVE bees now do a last-ditch attack after having their swarm destroyed.
- FLASH has had some small bug corrections to work more consistently.

- DUALITY attacks can now have venoms specified in the attack command (assuming the knight has the ENVENOM ability).
- FITNESS has had its defence aspect removed - making it an active cure only.
- RETRIEVE can no longer be used on player corpses.

- CURSE has had its cooldown reduced.

- BOMBS thrown by non-jesters have a moderate chance to fail, destroying the bomb.
- BACK/HANDSPRING have had their balance times reduced.
- MICKEY consumption will now correctly put the victim off herb balance.

- TOWER rubble will now show which direction it is blocking.

- WHIRLWIND will now strip the deafness defence from the target, should it be present.
- JUMPKICK can now be done to/from a watery room, should the monk have waterwalking.

- BANISH may additionally be targeted at an adventurer, banishing their current mount.

- LOCKs are now easier to gain when in the same room as the target.
- DIVINE will now show the target's maximum and current vitals.
- RADIANCE willpower cost has been increased.

- ASTRALFORM now has a small delay in its completion.
- TRUENAMEs now decay over time.
- TRUENAMES has been reformatted to be more informative.

- PYRADIUS will no longer fear watery rooms, assuming the occultist has the GOLGOTHA defence.
- Broken limbs will not longer contribute towards HECATEs abilities.

- SPIRITWRACK can be performed off-balance, it still requires and consumes equilibrium.
- CARE will not function when in the presence of the HEALING rite.

- PENITENCE equilibrium cost has been reduced.
- BANISHMENT will now fire with increased frequency.

- TRAPS now have a natural decay time.
- TRAPS no longer fire while their maker is in Dragonform.

- SECONDSIGHT has been added to the skill.
- LIGHTWALL has had multiple tweaks, will now give and increase the potential of the DARKSHADE venom. It no longer works on adventurers under level 30.
- SNAKEs will now do a last-ditch attack before they die.

- BELL has been entirely repurposed, now alerting non-MESMERISE'd adventurers of APPRAISE attempts.
- TENTACLE balance cost has been reduced.

- METAWAKE now has a third-person message when activated.

- Removing and wearing armour no longer has a balance cost attached to it.
- CHECK (Expert Diagnoser trait) has been sped up significantly.
- LIMBPROBE (Sawbones trait) can now be performed on shielded targets.
- All forms of passive curing will attempt to cure the VOYRIA affliction first.
- All forms of damage reduction are now calculated with diminishing returns, including favour shields and ALGIZ runes.