Artefact additions

Date: 11/16/2013 at 01:41
From: Tecton, the Terraformer
To : Everyone
Subj: Artefact additions

We're pleased to announce the release of some great new artefacts! Here's the additions:

Bracers of Flame: 1000cr
Grants the wielder the ability to FIRELASH and cast FIREWALLS.

Prismatic ring: 600cr
Imbued with all resistance enchantments (Cold, Magic, Fire, and Electical) on one ring. Enchantments will never fade from this item.

Portable anvil: 800cr
Grants the owner the ability to PLACE ANVIL, dropping a functional anvil in the room for one achaean day (1 hour).

Box of Stasis: 750cr
This container prevents the decay of almost all items held inside it. It will hold five items at any one time. Stasis effect may not apply to some special items, forged weapons or armour, and decaying talismans.

Silver whistle: 500cr
Allows you to REQUEST LETTERs and POST mail from anywhere. Additionally, this item may be upgraded with a customised mail delivery message for an additional fee. Email for further information.

Gem of Rapid Transmutation: 2000cr
An upgrade of the Gem of Transmutation, offering the same benefits but with a much shorter cooldown. Can be used once every 2 Achaean days (2 hours).

Grimoire of Hasty Adaptation: 2000cr
Also an upgrade of it's regular sibling, offering the same benefits of the Grimoire of Adaptation with a shorter cooldown. Can be used once every 2 Achaean days (2 hours).

Skull Pendants:
These artefacts increase the duration of a Shaman's SWIFTCURSE ability.

Obsidian skull pendant: 350cr ( 15% increased duration)
Amethyst skull pendant: 800cr ( 25% increased duration)
Sapphire skull pendant: 1600cr ( 35% increased duration)

All of these artefacts are now available for purchase through Merentesh's shops in Delos.