new Talisman set

Date: 11/04/2013 at 17:23
From: Sarapis, the Logos
To : Everyone
Subj: new Talisman set

As events #449 relayed, a trade ship from the far-off Atavian land of Azatlan was shipwrecked recently, and its shipment of valuable Azatlani Talismans is now scattered around the islands of Ageiro, Tapoa, and Tuar, though I believe Yudhishthira on Polyargos snagged some as well.

These are completely different from the Dragon Talismans, and some of them are single-use, allowing you to complete them as many times as you wish. In general, they're not as 'powerful' as the Dragon Talismans, as the mobs that drop them are generally a lot weaker.

You'll find:

* Azatlani Headdress - When worn, increases the distance you can see on the OH map by +1. Permanent.

* Transoceanic Orb - These Orbs are what Vastar gave to the Atavians when they set out on the Diaspora years ago. They allowed the Atavians to fly across deep ocean. They each allow a certain number of flying moves over ocean, at which point they disappear.

* Sacrificial Knife - Let's you martyr yourself with a custom message and lowered xp loss vs. heartstop. Effectively, it's heartstop with a flavor message. You MARTYR <message> and you'll gasp out your last words as the knife slits your throat. Single use.

* Atlatl - This is a spear-throwing device of great power. You can use it to hit anyone in the same area as you that's outdoors. If they don't move, it'll hit for a ton of damage. Single use.

* Kinkajou minipet

* Quetzal minipet

* Coati minipet

Enjoy! These are more representative of the kinds of Talisman sets we'll likely do in the future - lots of single-use items that don't require a ton of Talisman pieces to complete. No doubt it'll take us some time to get the balance of drop rates right though.

Oh, and you might go look at Vastar's picture in the Achaean Gallery ( to get a glimpse of Azatlan. More history on the Atavian Diaspora (from Arcadia) and Azatlan will be revealed in the near future.

Penned by My hand on the 23rd of Ero, in the year 639 AF.