November across the Iron Realms

Date: 11/01/2013 at 00:01
From: Tecton, the Terraformer
To : Everyone
Subj: November across the Iron Realms

While I'm sure most of our North American players are in fanciful costumes, we're pleased to announce that November has begun, bringing with it our latest IRE-wide promotion!

As we're getting into the festive season, all of us here a Iron Realms are embracing the spirit of giving, with 10% of all revenue being donated to the Red Cross, to help those in need these holidays!

That's not to say we're not going to give you guys something for helping us in our endeavours! We're giving you guys a bounty of additional free credits with every purchase on - how much you ask? Well we're doing things a little differently this time around, the bigger the individual credit package, the bigger the bonus!

Here's how it works out:
0 - 199cr = 10% extra credits
200 - 399cr = 12% extra credits
400 - 599cr = 14% extra credits
600 - 799cr = 16% extra credits
800 - 999cr = 18% extra credits
1000 - 1499cr = 25% extra credits
1500 - 1999cr = 30% extra credits
2000+cr = 35% extra credits

Penned by My hand on the 10th of Aeguary, in the year 639 AF.