Achaea client v2.1 released!

Date: 10/25/2013 at 20:49
From: Sarapis, the Logos
To : Everyone
Subj: Achaea client v2.1 released!

We've just released v2.1 of the Achaean client, at

Remember that even if you don't use it, if you deal with newbies it is -very- important that you're familiar with it (that goes double for Guides). Almost 100% of real newbies who have never played a MUD before use this client.

In any case, here are the changes! There'll be a forum thread up soon where you can submit/discuss ideas for further changes/additions to the client.

1. We re-arranged the layout some.
2. Graphical indicators showing balance/eq have been added.
3. We expanded the size of the map window.
4. Map performance is improved.
5. Gold and banked gold are now indicated in the bottom bar.
6. Ping is now indicated in the bottom bar.
7. There's a day/night graphical indicator on the bottom bar.
8. Unread news/messages are now on the bottom bar.
9. Most icons have been redone.
10. The graphical avatar takes up less space now, and you can right-click to select from about 60 pre-made ones, or upload your own.
11. There's no around 8 minutes of original music that will randomly mix itself up and loop.
12. The settings tab, accessed now by the 'gears' icon in the lower right, has been changed/simplified, at least in the 'basic' settings area. Improvements to make creating aliases, triggers, etc easier are on the docket for the next version.
13. The prompt is now hidden entirely by default, though this can be changed in the settings window.
14. A lot of other little tweaks.


Penned by My hand on the 13th of Phaestian, in the year 638 AF.