Mayaween Costume Contest

Date: 10/15/2013 at 14:19
From: Amarisse, the Crafting Guild Secretary
To : Everyone
Subj: Mayaween Costume Contest


The Delosian Tailors Union is sponsoring a costume design contest for this upcoming Mayaween, open to all tailors and non-tailors alike.

* All winning costume designers will receive a permanent and resetting costume of the winning entry, and the costume will be stocked for sale at the Festivities Annex in New Thera.

* Grand Prize: ONE of the winning entries will be selected for the Grand Prize. If the winner is NOT already a Tailor, he or she will win a free tailoring license. If the winner is already a Tailor, he or she will win a crafter's portfolio.

How To Enter
Design a full costume with APPEARANCE, DROPPED, and EXAMINED descriptions (see HELP STYLE for an explanation of these terms, and see the sample entry below). You may also include your concept for any special effects when the costume is donned or removed, but this is not required and will not be judged. BE SURE TO SIGN THE LETTER WITH YOUR NAME.

Once you have your letter, put it in the black box at the Delosian Crafters Union in Delos. You may submit multiple entries, in one letter or in separate letters.

Sample Entry
Appearance: a Pixie Queen costume

Dropped: Light plays charmingly over a pair of iridescent wings peeping out from this discarded Pixie Queen costume.

Examined: Light shimmers over the fabric of this gorgeous ensemble. A periwinkle-blue dress enhanced with dozens of glittering beads make this costume of the Pixie Queen shimmer and glow. Attached to the back of the bodice, a pair of iridescent wings flutters charmingly from an enchantment that has been cast upon it. A gilded crown of woven leaves sits atop the thicket of curly scarlet silk threads that has been used to mimic the Queen's lustrous hair. A small wand that appears to be as fragile as spun sugar grants a touch of regal authenticity to the costume.

What Not To Submit
No costumes of the Divine. Do not re-do a costume that already exists. Check the Festivities Annex in New Thera for costumes currently on sale.

Your deadline is 1 Ero 638, or until the submissions box is removed from the Delosian Crafters Union.

Good luck!

Amarisse, the Crafting Guild Secretary

Penned by My hand on the 17th of Glacian, in the year 637 AF.