Shop of Wonders additions

Date: 09/26/2013 at 03:29
From: Tecton, the Terraformer
To : Everyone
Subj: Shop of Wonders additions

Finding yourself with some left-over Mayan Crowns? Never fear, we've added some new items to spend them on!

- A brass bait hook (3mc)
This hook will return the fishing bait to the owner's inventory in the event of the line snapping.

- A clasp of vocal intensity (6mc)
Imbued with power over the wind itself, preventing the owner's voice from being drowned out in blustery conditions.

- Globe of shifting continents (2mc)
What's inside? Who knows! Gold, credits, artefacts, minipets, or many other potential prizes.

Penned by My hand on the 4th of Scarlatan, in the year 636 AF.