September in Achaea

Date: 09/01/2013 at 00:10
From: Tecton, the Terraformer
To : Everyone
Subj: September in Achaea

September is here, one of our favourite months of the year! You know why? Because it's our birthday month, with Achaea and Iron Realms as a whole turning sixteen years old!

Throughout this month, you can look forward to some great games and events as we celebrate this momentous occasion. For now though, I'm pleased to announce our promotion for this month - a tiered sale!

For those of you who've not been here for one of these promotions, it goes like this: We keep track of how many credits you purchase via over the month, and at certain cumulative thresholds, you'll be gifted free prizes in the form of Mayan Crowns. Check out SHOWREWARDS to see the different tiers and rewards!

As always, we're releasing a slew of new Shop of Wonders artefacts alongside the current promotion. This time though, we're doing things slightly differently, instead of discontinuing some items at the beginning of the promotion, we're going to leave all of our last round of artefacts up for sale for the next seven days, so if you want anything, be sure to get in quick!

Without further ado, I present the new additions to the Shop of Wonders:

A sigil of suppression - 3 Mayan Crowns
- When ATTACHEDed to an artefact, it will hide it from view (similar to the Orb of Suppression.) If you own an Orb of Suppression, the sigil will work to reveal the item from behind the obscuring effects of the Orb. This sigil can be DETACHed from the artefact at any time.

A bronze token of Charybdis - 5 Mayan Crowns
- This imbued token will both halve the time required for a SHIPRETURN and remove the willpower and endurance cost from SHIP RESCUE ME once per Achaean day.

A golden quill nib - 8 Mayan Crowns
- Empowered by an ancient Seleucarian enchantment, this item has a 50% chance to copy the current tarot inscription to another blank card in your inventory.

An ebony stationery kit - 1 Mayan Crown
- Modelled after the night sky, this stationery kit depicts the Dance of the Vault in its design. It will generate personalised letters each day.

A disc of transformation - 1 Mayan Crown
- Tired of your old stationery kit? Simply place this disc into your old kit to transform it into the current incarnation of this artefact: the ebony stationery kit. This item is consumed upon use.

An enchanted pebble - 7 Mayan Crowns
- Possession of this artefact allows the owner to make use of the continental portals between the Sea Lion Cove harbour (Sapience) and Rageteeth Beach (Meropis)!

A magnetic needle - 2 Mayan Crowns
- Attuned to the magnetic fields of Achaea, this item halves the delay when using the landmark system (HELP LANDMARKS).

A lesser viewing glass - 3 Mayan Crowns
A greater viewing glass - 6 Mayan Crowns
- GAZE INTO GLASS <person> will show you the current description of an adventurer who is currently visible and scryable. The greater viewing glass will also let you see what the adventurer is wearing as well! (This artefact respects artefacts such as the Veil of the Sphynx and the Orb of Suppression)

A diamond-tipped shovel - 2 Mayan Crowns
- This unbreakable shovel will cut the time of DIGging by 50%. This item will confer no benefits during a treasure hunt event.

An ivory peryton - 5 Mayan Crowns
- A flying legend steed, unique to the Shop of Wonders. Comes pre-fitted with a Collar of Lupus.

A golden desert drake - 5 Mayan Crowns
- A non-flying legend steed, unique to the Shop of Wonders. Comes pre-fitted with a Collar of Lupus.

Penned by My hand on the 1st of Scarlatan, in the year 634 AF.