Date: 08/22/2013 at 17:54
From: Sarapis, the Logos
To : Everyone
Subj: Talismans!

I'm pleased to announce the introduction of a new system in Achaea today, called Talismans.

HELP TALISMANS will tell you more, but briefly, they're put together by combining the collectible/tradable component pieces of an individual talisman.

The first, and for now, only set of talismans out there are aimed squarely at Dragons. There are six talismans in the Dragon set, one for each colour of Dragon (Red, Green, Blue, Silver, Gold, Black). Completing each talisman will give you, if you are a Dragon, the power to change into a Dragon of that colour.

Completing all six talismans in the set will make you an Elder Dragon, giving you the ability to DRAGONFORM much faster than normal Dragons, giving you a different room look message, and letting you choose from one of five pairs of enter/leave messages. The first five people to become Elder Dragons will, with admin approval, get to choose what those pairs of enter/leave messages will be.

Keeping in mind that this is just the first set of talismans, and that this set is aimed at very high level people, here are where you can expect to bash for the Dragon talisman pieces. Only creatures of a certain power level or higher will have any chance to drop Dragon talisman pieces, so there'll be mobs in some of these areas that'll never drop pieces. Some will occasionally drop pieces. Others will always drop pieces.

* Underworld
* Annwyn
* Tirmurann
* Lupine Hunting Grounds
* Istarion
* Prin (though not all that many things here)
* Sirocco Fortress
* Grukai (just the Sinister Glubbers though)

There are also some individual denizens that have the chance to drop pieces as well, like Yudhishthira, Zsarachnor, Chenubis, the septacean down in the Gulf of Nilakantha, the Lightning Eagle in the Vasnaris, etc.

We'll be keeping a close eye on the drop rates of the pieces over the coming days and weeks, and making adjustments as required.

And again, remember that this is just the first release of talismans. We intend, eventually, for most mobs to drop talisman pieces from sets appropriate to their power level, as a way to make bashing rewards more interesting.