The Great Hunt of 628AF

Date: 06/24/2013 at 03:10
From: Tecton, the Terraformer
To : Everyone
Subj: The Great Hunt of 628AF

The Great Hunt has drawn to a close! As the dust settled and the points were tallied up, we proudly proclaimed the following winners:

Sub-61 Sub-99 Open
------ ------ ----
1st: Myriah Iakimen Seragorn
2nd: Dorren Kardal Santar
3rd: Eddard Mako Petrel
4th: Tiarah Giulia Prysala
5th: Stavros Alrena Antonius
6th: Mourfalis Talonia Kayeil
7th: Zaravalos Josoul Melodie
8th: Lis Accipiter Arionna
9th: Jemba Bluef Karuxal
10th: Mordric Aalya Artanis

We're also pleased to announce the the IRE Lottery has rolled over, bringing the prize pool to a -massive- 15,000 credits! Make sure you've got your tickets in before next Sunday for your chance to claim once-in-a-lifetime prize pool - check out HELP IRE LOTTERY for all of the details!

Penned by My hand on the 25th of Chronos, in the year 628 AF.