Small batch of player ideas

Date: 04/14/2013 at 10:23
From: Cardan, the Curious
To : Everyone
Subj: Small batch of player ideas

Greetings Sapience,

A small batch of player-submitted ideas has just been loaded up along
with a raft of bugfixes. Of note amongst these was:

- CONFIG JOURNALDATE (defaults to on) which when turned off, will
prevent the auto-insertion of the date at the start of journal entries.

- Post offices will now sell both small and large parcels. Whilst you
can not write missives on these parcels, you can put 10 and 20 items in
the two different parcel sizes respectively. You can request a parcel in
a few methods:
REQUEST PARCEL - request a parcel (by default, a small one)
REQUEST SMALL [PARCEL] - specifically request a small parcel
REQUEST LARGE [PARCEL] - specifically request a large parcel
You can also use SMALLPARCEL and LARGEPARCEL to specify a parcel size to

- LIBRARY BROWSE <pattern> can be used to search for book titles in a
library that match the specified pattern.

As usual, if you come across any bugs, please submit a BUG with as much
relevant detail as possible.

Cardan, the Curious

Penned by My hand on the 6th of Aeguary, in the year 623 AF.