Name Guidelines

Date: 04/04/2013 at 22:05
From: The Omega
To : Everyone
Subj: Name Guidelines

A few weeks ago we changed the guidelines for names, and put in a new
system for Guides to deal with newbies with names that didn't fit within
our looser guidelines. Previously, Guides had to personally talk to
newbies. Now, they just flag them and the next few times the newbie
levels up he's increasingly insistently encouraged to change name until
finally is forced to if he hasn't already. Guides don't have the
power/responsibility of making a newbie change his name on-the-spot any
more, unless it's something that's offensive or just so over -the-top
that it has to be changed right now.

HELP NAMES will show you the new, much more concise guidelines. The
rules are mainly the same, but there are some exceptions. Compound names
are now allowed (provided they don't violate the other rules, like the
rule about silly names), and we're going to be a LOT less strict about
names from other places. Only the most famous of names from other places
are banned now (Mario, Frodo, Bieber, for instance), and only names that
almost everyone will know, not just people from a single country.

Penned by My hand on the 3rd of Ero, in the year 622 AF.