Latest code changes

Date: 03/14/2013 at 04:52
From: Cardan, the Curious
To : Everyone
Subj: Latest code changes

Greetings Sapience,

The latest batch of bug fixes and updates has just been loaded.

Of note amongst these was:

- Mydoin will now let you REQUEST COPY OF <volume> IN <your volume> to
copy a volume into one you are already holding.

- You can now use the command LASH to lash your shield to a worn
backstrap. You can also use the command UNLASH to unlash your shield
from a worn backstrap and wield it.
Unlash comes with a couple of options as well:

UNLASH LEFT|RIGHT - unlash the shield from the first worn backstrap in
your inventory to your left or right hand.

UNLASH <shield> [LEFT|RIGHT] - to unlash the specified shield from any
worn backstrap. Optionally unlash it to your left or right hand.

UNLASH <holder> [LEFT|RIGHT] - to unlash the shield from the specified
worn holder, optionally into your left or right hand.

Backstraps are currently sold by Merentesh in Delos. If you would like
them sold by a denizen in your organisation, speak with your Patron.

- Organisation credit sales have had the one year restriction modified
so that sales can be re-opened one year after the last time it was

- You can now use MSG RENUMBER to renumber all your messages in order
from 1.

As always, if you encounter any problems, please file a BUG report with
as much relevant detail as possible.

Cardan, the Curious

Penned by My hand on the 8th of Phaestian, in the year 620 AF.