Latest batch of player-submitted ideas

Date: 02/15/2013 at 12:32
From: Cardan, the Curious
To : Everyone
Subj: Latest batch of player-submitted ideas

Greetings Sapience,

I've just loaded up a small batch of player-submitted ideas.

Of note amongst these were:

- You can now ELIXLIST TONIC|BALM|ELIXIR|SALVE to show only the liquids
of those types.

- You can now wield or unwield a puppet or doll using the target's name.

- The arguments LISTPOWERS, POWERS, PRIVS, and PRIVILEGES should all now
work uniformly with the CLAN, HOUSE, and ORDER commands as if you had
used the correct command.

- Manuscripts will now show which pages hold writing when the object is
PROBEd and scrolls will no longer show a redundant page count when READ.

- The messages for ivory dice rolls should now show the resultant
numbers in green to further ensure that the roll can't be illusioned.

- You can now QUAFF a drink that has 10 or less sips left and it will
consume all the remaining sips. *NOTE* If the drink is alcoholic, you
will feel the effects as if you had drunk all the sips individually.

HALF-FACED to apply warpaint in a particular style.

APPLY <WARPAINT> EXTRA to apply a second colour of warpaint along side
the first. When you WIPE OFF the warpaint, it will remove both colours
at once.

- Chameleon tattoos and deception brew will no longer allow you to
assume the identity of anyone who is level 20 or below.

- MENTORWHO will now, by default show only active and online mentors.

- MENTORWHO has also been expanded so that you can filter the mentor
list as follows:

MENTORWHO HOUSE - shows only active and online mentors from your House
MENTORWHO CITY - shows only active and online mentors from your City
MENTORWHO ALL - shows both online and offline active mentors.

You can also combine the arguments in any order or combination, e.g.
MENTORWHO HOUSE CITY ALL to show mentors who either share your house or
city and are either offline or online.

As always, if you come across any errors, please submit a BUG report
with as much relevant information as possible.

Cardan, the Curious

Penned by My hand on the 18th of Valnuary, in the year 618 AF.