Housing upgrades

Date: 09/18/2012 at 01:10
From: Tecton, the Terraformer
To : Everyone
Subj: Housing upgrades

We're pleased to announce a slew of new housing additions available to
home owners! The details of the upgrades are as follows:

New environment types
* All 2 room credits (4 in out-of-subdivision homes).
* Not available on Ships.

- Grassland.
Keyword: "grassland"

- Natural Underground.
Keyword: "nunderground"

- Constructed Underground.
Keyword: "cunderground"

- Beach.
Keyword: "beach"

Room Additions
- Stables (8 room credits)
Keyword: "stables"
- Allows you to STABLE <LOYAL> (be it mount, pet, or minipet.)
- Mounts will no longer need or use food while stabled.
- If the loyal resets, it will now reset to that room instead of your
- You may UNSTABLE <LOYAL> to remove it.

- Gates (2 room credits)
Keyword: "gates"
- Prevents any stabled mounts from being summoned with WHISTLE <mount>
or the platinum whistle artefact.

- Observatory (4 room credits)
Keyword: "observatory"
- Allows you to LOOK OUTSIDE and see the subdivision map.
- Not available in out-of-subdivision houses.

- Furniture Stasis (8 room credits)
Keyword: "fstasis"
- Prevents furniture decay in the room.

- Humgii (5 room credits)
Keyword: "humgii"
- Your own pet humgii! Will eat almost anything given to him.
- Can have his description customised (HELP CUSTOMISATIONS).

- Chess board (4 room credits)
Keyword: "chess"
- A permanently installed chessboard for your house.

- Fountain (2 room credits)
Keyword: "fountain"
- A bubbling fountain that supplies a stream of fresh water.
- Can have its description customised (HELP CUSTOMISATIONS).

- Plot sign (2 room credits)
Keyword: "sign"
- A small wooden sign outside your subdivision home.
- Must be purchased/traded-in from the keyroom of your house.

- Crystal Ornament (4 room credits)
Keyword: "ornament"
- Allows the home owner to set three ambience messages that will
be displayed randomly.
- Syntax:
- PUSH ORNAMENT <message> - Add a message.
- PULL ORNAMENT <#> - Remove a message.
- TOUCH ORNAMENT - List current messages.
- TURN ORNAMENT - Toggle ornament's visibility.

For all of the details on purchasing these upgrades, please refer to

Penned by My hand on the 11th of Valnuary, in the year 606 AF.