Elections and ousting

Date: 01/17/2008 at 10:28
From: Maya, the Great Mother
To : Everyone
Subj: Elections and ousting

If it has ever crossed your mind that, as an elected leader of a House
or city, it would be acceptable to simply oust any member who contests
you, disabuse yourself of this notion now.

If common sense has led you astray, and you cannot resist further
compounding your megalomaniacal error by ousting every single member who
even has the POTENTIAL to to contest you, don't be surprised at the

A House is a community, a network of interwoven relationships. If you
are so egotistical as to believe that yours is the only voice that
matters, and you are willing to abuse power to make that a reality, then
you have no place in a House, period.

I'm disappointed by what I've seen today.

Penned by My hand on the 17th of Ero, in the year 470 AF.