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4.10 Your description

DESCRIBE SELF <whatever>

The <whatever> is limited to 2034 characters in length.

Do not include clothing, your gender, race, or what you are carrying or
wielding: those are already shown automatically when someone looks at you.

Otherwise, you may say pretty much whatever you want. Keep in mind that it will
be placed like this:

Yourname is a <your race> and is <whatever>.

For instance, let's say that Siranae, a human, had set her description to "a
large, burly, and exceptionally hairy person." Those examining her would see:
Siranae is a human and is a large, burly, and exceptionally hairy person. To see your own description, simply LOOK ME. To see the description of another person, LOOK <person>.

Please use good taste when writing your description. Further, please remember
that adding clothes to your description will look silly, as they may
contradict with what you are, in reality, wearing.

As a rule, do not tell people what to feel or do when they look at you! Just
present what they would see.