Wounds and Healing - Midkemia Online Online Help

13.3 Wounds and Healing


You will inevitably find yourself wounded at some point or another, for the world of Midkemia is fraught with peril. But fear not, you are not a common mortal, you are an adventurer and you can overcome and heal all sorts of wounds and afflictions that would kill lesser people.

Healing is divided into three categories: recovering of your health, healing of your afflictions and healing special states.


While your health recovers at a rather rapid pace while you are outside of combat, you will find that your regeneration is severely diminished while in combat and it will not often be enough to outpace the wounds you sustain while fighting.

The main way of recovering health is by using the OVERDRIVE ability in Fighting, which will restore a portion of your health in exchange for some adrenaline (also see HELP ADRENALINE).

There are other alternatives for regaining health during combat, such as various class abilities, tattoos, healing from a Priest and other special mechanics, but OVERDRIVE remains the most reliable method that is available to everyone.


You will often find yourself under the influence of countless afflictions, especially if you are fighting another adventurer. Most afflictions persist for a considerable amount of time even when outside of combat and don't easily heal themselves. It is possible to heal afflictions by using one's Inner Focus: if one has studied enough in Fighting, you can visit Master Keizo in Port Natal to learn the Five Principles and open yourself to your ki energy. After you have attuned to your ki energy you may focus off the various afflictions based on their type.

Alternatively, once outside combat, you can APPLY BANDAGE to cure yourself of afflictions rapidly. Bandages are crafted by tailors.


There are a few states that cannot be cured by neither Overdrive nor Inner Focus (or have alternative means of curing aside these ones). 
Some of them include :

- permanent loss of balance which can be cured if you RECOVER BALANCE

- permanent loss of equilibrium which can be cured if you RECOVER EQUILIBRIUM

- various states of entanglement which can be cured if you WRITHE or CONTORT (with the appropriate ability in Fighting)

- bleeding, while it cures naturally, does so at a very slow pace and will prove deadly if left unattended. You can CLOT to stop your bleeding faster if you have the appropriate ability in Fighting

- Magicians, Priests and others with strong wills or mind affecting spells can place various compulsions or feelings of lust upon you which can be removed if you REJECT said person

- silverthorn poisoning can only be cured by drinking the specific antidote

- some special afflictions in game are simply incurable