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5.14 Warcry

(See also: HELP MOTTO)

Your warcry is just that: it's a cry used in war.  It is a phrase proper for
shouting or screaming before or during battle. Whenever you type WARCRY, you
will say that phrase.

   SET WARCRY <yournewwarcry>  - sets your new warcry.
   SET WARCRY CLEAR            - gets rid of your warcry altogether.

   SET MOTTO <your motto>      - sets your new motto.
   SET MOTTO CLEAR             - gets rid of your motto altogether.

If Arlendor typed: SET WARCRY For the Lifestone!
Then when Arlendor types WARCRY, people will see: Arlendor's eyes fill
with battle rage as he screams out, "For the Lifestone!!"

Use common sense for your warcry. It should be something reasonable for a
cry of war, not for a game of 'who can come up with the funniest thing to say.'
Your rolepoints will be reduced, at the least, for unsuitable warcries.

You may only have either a warcry, or a motto, but not both. A motto is far
less serious than a warcry.

Do not use anything OOC (out of character) in a warcry or motto.

(See also: HELP MOTTO)