Warboats - Midkemia Online Online Help

17.4.4 Warboats

Warboats is a two-player minigame crafted in the shape of the classical Battleship game. Two players face each-other on a 9 x 9 grid where each has placed 3 boats with the objective to sink the other player's boat before their own are.

To initiate a game of warboats two players must :


Once two people have joined, the initial game screen will pop up, asking players to populate their grid with boats. Both players will see -two- grids. The upper grid is your own grin and the bottom grid shows the places you have fired upon on your opponent's grid (so you can keep track of your progress).

You may place up to -three- warboats on your grid, respecting the constraints and the fact that two boats can't overlap. To place a boat you must:


The coordinates are a combination of the letters A-I and the numbers 1-9 - B3, F5, I9

The boats have a general T shape and can be placed in any rotation possible. During the placing phase, you will have a menu that will show you what the possible orientations are and their identifiers.

Once both players have placed all three boats, the game will begin and one of the players will start. To fire at any spot on your opponent's grid simply:


If you did not previously fire at those coordinates, you will do so now and your bottom grid will populate showing if you hit something (marked by an "O") or if you missed (marked by an "X").

You can only fire once per turn, regardless of whether you hit or not and then it is your opponent's turn. The game continues until one player has hit all 12 squares of the opponent's boats.

At any time during the game you may READ GAME to display the grids again.

Have fun!