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13.4 War Points & Warlords

War Points
War Points are a measure of the deeds accomplished in combat. War Points are earned by killing other adventurers, especially those of renown. The War Points one gains from a kill is dependent upon the War Points possessed by the person slain. They may also be earned for other feats of battle, courage or heroism during events throughout the land.

War Points decay slowly over time as one is inactive, as your deeds and fame fade into obscurity.

Additionally, killing your own guild or city members will result in gaining significantly fewer War Points than you normally would - though that person will still lose the full value. However, you will gain 10% increased War Points for kills made during a siege battleground (Highcastle or Veilgarden).

Newbies are not worth any War Points.


   Syntax:  WARLORDS

The Warlords are those nine adventurers who have amassed the most War Points, and are known throughout the land for their cunning, prowess and martial discipline. They are feared adversaries indeed. To see a list of the current Warlords, enter WARLORDS.

The Warlords are afforded a chance to automatically block attacks when fighting other players, which scales with their Warlord ranking.

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