Village Reputation - Midkemia Online Online Help

7.8 Village Reputation

In order to see how Villages feel about you:

Many denizens in Midkemia are part of groups that we loosely label 'villages.' These might be anything from actual villages, like Port Natal or Hawk's Hollow, to a group of bandits in the wild to secret cults in the Northlands. The members of these villages pass information along to each other and will remember you if you get caught committing crimes against village members, such as attacking them or killing them.

Performing quests or other activities on behalf of these groups may result in gaining reputation with that group. In either case, it may affect how you are treated by members of that group.

Villagers can react in eight ways to you:
1. Exalted
2. Revered
3. Honored
4. Friendly
5. Neutral (the default attitude)
6. Disliked
7. Hated*
8. Reviled*

*: Becoming Hated or Reviled by a group will result in that group declaring you a formal enemy. Similarly, if you are enemied to that group in some other manner (for example, if a city leader enemies you), your reputation will immediately drop to Hated if it is above that. On the other hand, if you are enemied and raise your reputation back to Disliked, your enemy status will be rescinded.

It is also worth noting that you cannot become more than Friendly with any City other than your own, and if you are enemied to the City you will not be able to become more than Hated.