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Now little more than a crumbling ruin with a melancholy history in the depths of the Yabon Forest, Veilgarden was once a secret refuge for Edhel who fled the slavery of the Valheru, and served as a silent beacon of defiance in the face of those dread masters. It was primarily peopled by those who were most distant from the Old Ones - the workers of the fields and forests whose descendants would become the Eledhel, but not uncommon among their number were the stewards and lorekeepers - the Moredhel and Eldar. They bonded with the swampy lands surrounding Veilgarden by spell-smithing a mighty artifact called the Chalice of Mists, perpetually shrouding the lands in impenetrable, ethereal fog in a desperate bid to conceal the city from the vengeful Dragon Lords.

However, even the powerful magics of those ancient Spellweavers were as nothing to the wrath of their godlike masters. Veilgarden was discovered by Alma-Lodaka, and utterly destroyed by dragonfire and Valheru sorcery, its peoples annihilated.

See HELP BATTLE OF VEILGARDEN for details about besieging Veilgarden.