Valheru Runeblade - Midkemia Online Online Help

16.5.1 Valheru Runeblade

Great and terrible artifacts of Valheru power were left behind by the Dragon Lords after their defeat and destruction in the Chaos Wars, imbued with the immense power of the Dragon Host. These relics are tainted by the madness of the Valheru, and few can wield them without becoming corrupted themselves - though these few who do master them become themselves heroes of supreme might in doing so.

One such relic is the ivory-and-gold hilted runeblade, imbued with the power of a long dead Valheru Dragon Lord. The wielder will, over time, become something more than mortal, though perhaps slightly less than Valheru.

The runeblade is a fickle thing, however, and it will be lost upon the death of its wielder.

For the runeblade's wielder:
   SWORD SENSE   - Sense the location of the runeblade, wherever it may be.