Using the Editor in Midkemia - Midkemia Online Online Help

6.13.1 Using the Editor in Midkemia

For things like letters, journals, and the like, we have the Midkemian editor!

The in-game editor is visable when not using one of the Iron Realms clients -
Nexus (HELP NEXUS) or Flash (HELP FLASH).

The main help in the editor reads as follows:

                                Main Help
This is the main help screen. All commands are entered on the 
beginning of a new line and are preceeded by a '*'. (e.g. *quit on 
a line by itself)

Currently, there are the following commands :
     *quit,  *save, *clear, *line, *insertline,
     *deleteline, *overwrite, *insert


                             Save (*save, *s)

   Usage: *save

   This will end the current editing session and bypass the question
   of whether you want to save, and simply save your work.

                             Clear Text (*clear)

   Usage: *clear

   This will erase all the text that is in the current session.  It
   will ask you if you are sure before doing so.

                          Go to Line (*line, *l)

   Usage: *line <line>

   This will set the current editing line to the line specified by
   <line>.  <line> may be the number of the line to go to, or one
   of the words "start" or "end".  Each of which goes to the
   corresponding line.

                  Insert blank line (*insertline, *il)

   Usage: *insertline

   This will insert a blank line after the current line.

                   Delete current line (*deleteline, *dl)

   Usage: *deleteline [<line>]

   This will permanently delete the current line (or the line

                      Set Overwrite mode (*overwrite)

   Usage: *overwrite

   This sets the current method of editing to overwrite, which means
   that any lines that may be below the current line will be replaced
   with any new lines that are typed.

                        Set Insert mode (*insert)

   Usage: *insert

   This sets the current editing mode to inserting, which will insert
   new text in front of any lines that may be below the current line.