Underage Players - Midkemia Online Online Help

15.2 Underage Players

Midkemia is a game oriented towards mature adventurers. Any adventurer age
13 and over is welcome as long as he or she is capable of conducting him or
herself with the required level of maturity. Immaturity is not a direct
function of age either. However, it is a sad fact that 95% of our "problem
adventurers" (generally those who do not have the emotional maturity
necessary to follow the rules and act like a member of a community) are
teenagers, particularly ones under 16 years of age. If you happen to be a
younger teenage adventurer, don't worry! You will not be discriminated
against based on your age. In fact, many young adventurers have conducted
themselves with admirable aplomb and have risen to prominent positions
within Midkemia.

However, you must be at LEAST 13 years of age in order to play here due to
Midkemia's mature themes.

No special treatment will be given to any adventurer who causes problems.
This is a role-playing world, and real-life excuses for behavior are
irrelevant to us. You will be deleted and will not be put back if you cross
what we view as a very easy line to avoid (given that 99% of adventurers
never cross that line, it's obviously easy to avoid doing it).

In brief: Treat other adventurers with basic decency. We're all a part of
          the same closely-knit Midkemian community.