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The Tsurani are those humans who trace their origins to the Empire of Tsuranuanni on the world of Kelewan. During the great Riftwar, the Empire of Tsuranuanni invaded the Kingdom of the Isles in an effort to gain control of the metal-rich world of Midkemia. The bitter war raged for nearly a decade before the magical rift between the two worlds was suddenly shut, stranding thousands of Tsurani on Midkemia.

The Tsurani were assimilated into the Kingdom, with Kasumi, the ranking noble, being named Earl of the Kingdom city of LaMut. In the years since the Riftwar concluded, the Tsurani have slowly begun to grow accustomed to the culture and customs of their adopted homeland. While most of these Tsurani (and their offspring) remain in LaMut, many have dispersed across the Kingdom.  

Physically, Tsurani tend to be shorter than Midkemians. Their skin is naturally darker than a Midkemian's, as a result of the hot sun of Kelewan, and their hair and eyes are usually brown or black. 

The Empire of Tsuranuanni is governed by its hundreds of noble families, nearly all of whom are entwined in the political struggle for survival and supremacy colloquially known on Kelewan as "the great game." Behind veneers of pleasantness and hospitality, the noble families use political, economical, and often clandestine military strength to advance their standing in the game. 

The sociological structure of the Empire is characterized by a rigid caste system. Tsurani believe fervently that their soul is in a constant cycle of reincarnation, with the soul's next station on the Wheel of Life being determined by the quality of their current life. In part because of this belief, the behavior of most Tsurani is  bound up in a strict sense of honor. Slaves are resigned to their lot, and hope that through good service to their masters they will earn their freedom in their next life; warriors are nearly fanatical in their loyalty to their house, and consider death in battle as the greatest possible honor; and the authority of the Lords and Ladies of the noble houses are rarely questioned by those they command. Even most assassins act out of loyalty to the brotherhood, or Tong, to which they belong.

The magicians of Kelewan are known as Great Ones, and exist outside the law; not even the Warlord or the Emperor may command them. They are feared, and their words are obeyed instantly. While most Tsurani have adopted the more relaxed (and decidedly less reverential) attitude of Midkemians toward magicians, some have not.