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11.8.12 Tith-Onanka, the War God

The Gods Tith, the planner of battles, and Onanka, the joyful warrior, were both greatly wounded during the Chaos Wars, in which many were slaughtered on both sides. In order to live, the two became one, merging their divine essence in an instant to form one being, the two-faced God of War, Tith-Onanka.

He is known as the God of War, the Planner of Battles, the Joyful Warrior amongst other names. Soldiers, generals, and heroes pray to Him before a battle in hope of victory, and pray to Him in times of quiet in the hope they may gain greater skill in their arts. The worship of Tith-Onanka transcends all classes and divisions, for His is the path of victory, conquest, domination, and the timeless saga of conflict between men.