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18.1.2 Timewarps

(See also: HELP TIME)

Time Warps
Sometimes it happens. You are walking along and you feel something odd. Perhaps 
you faint, or enter some sort of fugue. When you awake, or when your 
consciousness returns, it seems to you as though time itself has changed. And in 
a way, it has.

Your memory is clear - you lived, you fought, you explored, you bought, you 
sold, and yet somehow, you are back to an earlier time. It may be a quarter of a 
Midkemian day, or maybe half. Either way, you feel as though you've gone back, 
and everything is as it was.

How It Happens
Time acts in a variety of mysterious ways to work its will upon reality itself. 
Mortals and immortals alike are subject to its whim in these matters. It does 
not often warp reality to its will, but when, or how often, are both 

What It Means
In these rare situations where a timewarp occurs, and reality returns to a 
previous time, then all is exactly as it was from that precise moment.

Did you rescue a damsel in distress during that now-vanished period? Then the 
damsel was never rescued and is still in need.

Did you write and send a letter? The letter is then unwritten and unsent
(though the contents still remain in your memory, and even in the memory of the 
one to whom you sent it).

Did you gain a level of experience, or two? Then it is as though you never 
gained them.

Did you die several times, losing multiple levels of experience? Voila! They are 

Did someone steal huge mountains of gold from you? Huzzah! The theft never 
occurred, and your riches are restored to you: you have another chance!

What Can Be Done Do About It
There is little any being, mortal or immortal, can do to affect the acts of 
time. On some rare occasions, the Gods show mercy on suffering mortality and may 
give some small gift as recompense for the sorrow of living time and having it 
essentially unlived for them! This is not frequent either, since the loss due to 
timewarp disturbances is rarely very long or large.

(See also: HELP TIME)