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5.9.1 Thirst

When You Get Thirsty
As you grow in Midkemia and as time passes by, you will find that you start to get naturally thirsty. We all know that water and, generally liquids, are the source of life and such are things in Midkemia as well.

Typing STATUS will show you how thirsty you are. If you allow yourself to get too thirsty, your body will suffer and you will have trouble regenerating.

How do I get a drink?
In order to find drinks, you can seek out shops that sell various types of drink or, if you have a container capable of holding liquids, you may find an appropriate source of water in the world and FILL <containter> FROM ENVIRONMENT.

Thirst By Name
How thirsty are you? The following is a brief review of the messages you'll see when you type STAT, and what they mean:

utterly quenched           - drinking won't help at all!
thirst sated               - drinking probably won't help much
not in need of a drink     - drinking would help a little, but is unnecessary
in slight need of a drink  - thirsty; no risk yet, but grab a drink soon
feeling very thirsty       - very thirsty; you better find something to drink
suffering from extreme 
dehydration                - at this point your natural regeneration has ceased

Thirst Penalty

If you start suffering from dehydration your natural regeneration will cease. That means that your health, mana and endurance will no longer regenerate as it usually does (both in and outside of combat). Sleeping will no longer regenerate your health or mana either, although your endurance will still regenerate (albeit at a much slower pace than usual).