Theft - Midkemia Online Online Help

15.4.1 Theft

Theft from other adventurers is technically permissible within Midkemia
in the confines of skills and abilities that permit it. However, there
are some restrictions on theft:

 o Scamming other players is not permitted. (See HELP SCAMMING)
 o Abusing bugs or loopholes in the game code that allow unintended
   theft is forbidden. This falls under bug abuse, and is taken very
   seriously when used to harm or disenfranchise another player. If
   you are unsure whether something is a bug or loophole, you can always
   ISSUE to ask an Administrator. (See HELP ISSUES)
 o There is a mechanical restriction on how often a player can be
   robbed, and some forms of robbery cannot be performed at all,
   especially as it relates to magical abilities that compel a player
   to perform actions against his or her will.

Also remember that players will not take kindly to being stolen from, and
this can obviously result in major impacts for your character.

(For the Rogue skillset, see HELP THIEVERY)