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16.5 The Valheru

One of the first races to set foot upon Midkemia, the Valheru, or Dragon Lords, were ancient beings whose power was among the greatest in the universe. A warlike people, they rode on the backs of giant dragons and traveled the cosmos, laying waste to countless worlds and obliterating entire civilizations. Proud and arrogant, they enslaved the Edhel of Midkemia and used them to tend to their every need, from working the fields to keeping their lore.

Created from the loose strands that Mythar unwove from Rythar's "threads of power", the Valheru's reign would be challenged when the new Gods eventually arose from the void left by the disapperance of the Two Blind Gods of the Beginning. Seeing their dominion challenged, the Valheru sought to destroy the new Gods in what became known as the Chaos Wars.

The Valheru were eventually defeated by the Gods and vanquished from Midkemia, though how they were cast down remains shrouded in mystery. The world still holds many relics of the Valheru, artifacts and sites that are avidly sought out by followers of the Dark Path who seek to claim their lingering power.