The Troll Race - Midkemia Online Online Help

4.12.5 The Troll Race

A tribal people, the vicious Trolls inhabit the mountains and forests,
shying far from the eyes of civilization. They travel on all fours as often
as not, covered in thick gray hides and with long, curving fangs. Preferring
solitude, the Trolls rarely attack travelers, but recently encroaching
civilization has forced them into an alliance with the Moredhel and Goblins.

  Starting City:       Sar-Sargoth
  Racial Language:     Troll
  Secondary Language:  Moredhel
     o Predatory Metabolism
       - Grants a bonus to endurance regeneration
       - Trolls have increased maximum endurance
       - Trolls cannot ride mounts
       - Trolls need to eat more frequently
     o Brutal Strength
       - Grants an increased chance to score critical hits
     o Thick Hide
       - Grants some protection against all damage