The Temple of Ka-hooli - Midkemia Online Online Help The Temple of Ka-hooli

The largest temple to Ka-hooli in Northern Triagia is located near the Free City of Natal. Home to those who revere Ka-hooli as members of His Holy Order, the temple is also a frequent destination for those seeking the intercession or protection of the God of Justice and Vengeance. Pilgrims sometimes speak of prayers answered in unexpected ways, and the dedicated servants of Ka-hooli stationed in the temple are always interested in speaking of their Lord to interested travelers.

Of particular interest is an odd, mist-filled chamber near the center of the temple. Those bold enough to satisfy the will of Ka-hooli speak of the blessings provided by the God of Justice and Vengeance...

The Chamber of Mists
The Chamber of Mists, located near the center of Ka-hooli's temple, allows characters to ask Ka-hooli to either:
(1) direct His anger against another character
(2) protect the character from His anger

Characters are prompted in the appropriate dialogue choices upon entering the chamber. The general process is:
(1) Receive a quest from the mist-filled chamber or from a NPC in Ka-hooli's temple outside of Natal
(2) Complete the quest
(3) Go to the mist filled chamber and specify a character as a target or request His divine protection

The quests received from the mist-filled chamber are generally combat-oriented quests, while those received elsewhere in the temple are generally roleplay-oriented quests. The difficulty of the combat-oriented quests scales with the level of the player.

What happens to a targeted character?
After a random delay ranging from several hours to a day, targeted characters will be exposed to an automated attack from the divine will of Ka-hooli that will leave him/her temporarily debilitated. Characters may be randomly attacked more than once before the curse expires.

In essence, this mechanism allows characters to "get back" at enemies who they may not be able to strike directly. It offers an automated alternative to the player-run Nighthawk guild, which can confer more severe penalties but relies on the intervention of a Nighthawk character to bring them about (see HELP NIGHTHAWKS).

What happens to a protected character?
A character who requests the protection of Ka-hooli strips away an existing curse (if one is present) and protects the character from being targeted by another character for approximately 7 real-life (RL) days.

Caveats and restrictions
The intent of this system is to provide players with a thematic way to interact with a God of Midkemia; in this case, to strike at characters who have caused some offense or injury. However, a system such as this can lead to "griefing" (excessive targeting of a player) if implemented without restrictions.

In an effort to strike an appropriate balance, the following caveats apply:
(1) Some groups of characters (e.g., characters at or below level 30) can never be targeted.
(2) No character can make a request of any sort (aggressive or defensive) more than once about every 5 RL days.
(3) Characters cannot be targeted if there is already an active curse against them.
(4) Once a curse against a character expires, that character cannot be targeted again for about 5 RL days.
(5) A targeted character will never suffer an automated attack while in the WAR territories (siege grounds or control-point villages).
(6) A targeted character will almost never suffer an automated attack while in combat.
(7) Curses that remain active for over an in-game year (about a RL month) will fade. This catches characters who go inactive, but the majority of players will experience one or more attacks within a few hours or days and have the curse expire in the usual way. 

The main effects of these caveats include:
It is not possible for a single character to suffer more than a few attacks in a given RL week.

An attack will rarely threaten the life of a character.

Because characters can only make one "action" per RL week, no single character has the ability to curse multiple characters simultaneously. Note well that players who generate many alternate characters strictly to get around this restriction are in violation of HELP SECONDS.

Characters who wish to avoid being targeted through this system can effectively "opt out" of the system by doing a quest from Ka-hooli's temple about once a week. Some of these quests involve no combat, so this "opt out" mechanism is accessible to all characters, regardless of level. The fact that protection, once requested, lasts for roughly 7 RL days and that characters may make requests about every 5 RL days means that it is possible for active players to keep up continual protection.