The State of your Character - Midkemia Online Online Help

5 The State of your Character

5.1    Health           The measure of your physical health.
5.2    Adrenaline       The measure of your speed in battle.
5.3    Endurance        A stat that measures long-term physical fatigue.
5.4    Willpower        A stat that measures long-term mental fatigue.
5.5    Death            Death will seek ye out.
5.6    Statistics       Learn about your basic stats.
5.6.1    Magic          Magic fuels Magicians' spells.
5.6.2    Faith          The deep and abiding Faith of Priests.
5.6.3    Guile          The cunning and guile of the Rogue.
5.7    Resurrection     Methods of returning to life when dead.
5.8    Bleeding         Bleeding from wounds.
5.9    Hunger           All must eat to survive.
5.9.1  Thirst           Liquids are the essence of life.
5.10   Recovery         Recovering health.
5.11   Rankings         The top-ranked adventurers, by experience.
5.12   Sleeping         Sleeping, it's not just for cats.
5.13   Aging            Perpetual youth!
5.14   Warcry           The mark of every warrior.
5.15   Motto            The mark of the educated.
5.16   Common Sense     A few pithy words.