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9.12 The Riding skillset

The Riding skillset is a general skill learned by everyone. It allows the student to learn to master mounting and riding a loyal steed, allowing one to travel swiftly across the lands. In Midkemia, traveling on foot is an arduous and difficult process, so learning to ride on a basic level is generally considered essential.

Unlike other skills, the Riding skill can only be learned up to the rank of Expert.

Renting Horses
You may rent horses from most stables in Midkemia that also sell horses, for a fraction of the cost of buying a horse of your own.

Syntax: RENT <horse>
        RETURN <horse>

When you rent a horse, you are immediately charged a small cost based on the quality of the steed. Stables will generally only rent low-quality horseflesh due to the risk of horse theft involved with well bred and rare steeds. Every day you keep the horse thereafter, you will be charged an additional 1/2 of the initial rental cost of the horse as a per diem charge.

Simply return the horse when you are done with it. You may return the horse at any stable, not only the one you rented the horse from. It is a well-known fact that horse traders can be highly dangerous folk, but that also encourages honesty between them, and they will see your rented horse returned to its rightful owner.

If you are slain in the course of your adventuring, your rented mount will automatically flee back to its home stable as if you had returned it.

If your rented horse is slain, then you will be assessed part of the value of the horse. This fee is much higher than the rental cost of the animal, so it is wise to always ensure the steed is returned. This fee, along with any outstanding per diem charges, must be paid in full before you are able to rent horses again.