The Principles of Battle - Midkemia Online Online Help

13 The Principles of Battle

13.1    The Basics of Combat     The most basic principles of combat.
13.1.1  Attack Categories        The 5 attack categories in your offense.
13.1.2  Bashing                  Tips for hunting denizens.
13.1.3  Weaponry Basics          What you need to cause some hurt.
13.1.4  Armor Basics             What to wear and wield.
13.1.5  Critical Hits            Hit harder and with more power.
13.2    Defeat and Death         The Halls of Lims-Kragma and reincarnation.
13.3    Injuries and Healing     Curing your wounds after combat.
13.3.1  Afflictions              Afflictions, and what cures them.
13.4    War Points and Warlords  Amassing War Points and the rankings.
13.5    Defenses and Defending   Utilizing defenses effectively.
13.5.1  Accuracy                 Accuracy and its effect on group combat.
13.6    Battle of Highcastle     Battle for control of the Border Barony.
13.7    Battle of Veilgarden     Battle for control of ruined Veilgarden.
13.8    Control Points           Capturing control points to control areas.
13.9    Battle of Sunspear       Battle for control of the Vale of Dreams.
13.10   Battle of Sethanon       Battle for control of ancient Sethanon.
13.11   Fort Dannis              Take control of a strategic watchtower!