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3.12 The Postal System

** Warning: sending a letter to any of your own alternate characters is NOT PERMITTED and considered seconds abuse (HELP SECONDS). Do NOT mail anything, even a blank letter, to one of your alternate characters! **

Each city has a post office, often located near the city bank. The basic idea is to first pay for and get a blank letter (REQUEST LETTER), then write in it (WRITE LETTER), seal it (SEAL LETTER), and then send it (MAIL LETTER TO <someone>). 


   REQUEST LETTER:      Request a letter from the postal staff. Letters
                        are magical and can hold amazingly large things.
                        They cost 1 silver each. If you want to
                        include items, just PUT <item> IN LETTER before
                        you mail it. You can only request a letter while
                        at a post office.

   WRITE LETTER:        Compose a letter. You can write in a letter
                        from anywhere.

   SEAL LETTER:         Once you're satisfied with your message, you 
                        must seal the letter before mailing it. After 
                        a letter is sealed it may no longer be 
                        edited or written upon again.

   MAIL LETTER TO <whom>:  Address and mail a letter to someone. You
                           must be at a post office to do this.

   READ LETTER:         Read whatever may be written on a letter. You
                        can do this from anywhere, provided the letter
                        is in your inventory or in your room.

   RETRIEVE MAIL:       When standing in a post office, you can retrieve
                        any incoming mail rather than waiting for the 
                        letters to be delivered to you. (Note: letters 
                        will only be delivered to you when you are 
                        within the bounds of your home city.)