The News System - Midkemia Online Online Help

3.5 The News System

The Midkemian news system is divided into several sections. Some include:

Name         Who Can Read       Who Can Write    In-Character?
--------     ------------       -------------    -------------
Public           Everyone            Everyone              Yes
Events           Everyone      Administration              Yes
Announce         Everyone      Administration               No
Patchnotes       Everyone      Administration               No
Comments    MKO Producers            Everyone               No

Organizational news boards can only be read by those in that organization.

You may access the news system in two ways:

   1) Read articles via the READNEWS command (see below), or

   2) Type NEWS. Once in the NEWS system, enter HELP to get
      information on how to use the news.

While you must be in the news in order to write articles, you may
read articles from outside the news. Typing NSTAT will show you how 
many articles there are in each section you can read, and the last
number you read.

If you choose to write an article, you will enter the composer. This
tool allows you to write an article, skip around from line to line,
replace lines, delete lines, and so on. Typing *help from within 
the composer will give you help on how to use it.

Something to keep in mind: All news is considered in character
unless otherwise stated.

  Show you a summary of the news sections you can access.

  Enter the news system.

READNEWS <section> <article #>
  Read a news article from outside the news system.
  The syntax is, for  instance: READNEWS PUBLIC 1

NSUM/NSUMMARY <section> <beginning article#>
  See a summary of a range of up to 20 articles, starting at 
  whatever article you choose.

  Review all news sections to which you have access that have unread posts.

  Mark a news article to easily find it later.

  If you've recently used RN, RNA will re-display the last post you saw with 
  RN. (RNA - "RN Again")

  Marks all of your news articles as read.