The Moredhel Race - Midkemia Online Online Help The Moredhel Race

Twisted by their lust for power, the Moredhel are a tribal race who fight
amongst themselves when there is no one else to fight. Bound together by
their hatred of the rest of the world and their desire to conquer, they are
a force to be feared. Raiding the borders of the Kingdom, they fight with
goblins and trolls as their shock troops, but think little of them. Known
for their determination to fight and their cruel rites and practices, they
are feared across Midkemia. The Moredhel view the other races of Midkemia,
especially the Humans and Dwarves, as invaders in the lands that are
rightfully theirs. Despite their dark nature, the Moredhel are often
bound by strict codes of honor and loyalty -- though they are always
seeking to gain advantage over one another.

  Starting City:       Sar-Sargoth
  Racial Language:     Moredhel
  Secondary Language:  Eledhel
     o Magical Affinity
       - Moredhel take less damage from magical sources
     o Dark Path
       - Following in the footsteps of the Valheru Dragon Lords, the
         Moredhel draw upon the lingering echoes of power left by the
         ancient masters of Midkemia.
       - May sense locations imbued with Valheru power
       - Benefit from increased regeneration in locations of Valheru power
       - May DRAW ON DARK PATH in locations imbued with Valheru power to
         become filled with this dread power
       - When possessing Valheru power, the Moredhel:
           - does extra damage
           - has increased maximum magic
       - The Dark Path is both seductive and destructive, however, and
         drawing upon the Valheru powers frequently can lead to addiction
         and eventual withdrawals when not filled with the Valheru power