The Moraelin Lake - Midkemia Online Online Help The Moraelin Lake

Nestled deep within the mountains of the Ithilian Defile, as far north as possible without the cliffs becoming too treacherous, is an odd, black lake. Upon its edge grows the dangerous and lethal Silverthorn plant, rumored to only grow in this perilous location.

This lake, called the Black Lake, or Lake Moraelin, is a sacred place to the Moredhel and the Eledhel. The Moredhel believe that the Black Lake is a fount of ancient Valheru power, and that is why the Dark Path is so strong there. The Eledhel believe that the depressions in the earth there, called the Tracks of the Hopeless, were made by a wandering Prince of the Forest in eons past, and so the ground is sacred to them as well. 

Beyond the Lake itself lies an ancient temple to the Dragon Lords, furthering the place's importance to the Dark Brotherhood.