The Midkemian Black Market - Midkemia Online Online Help

6.23 The Midkemian Black Market

In a world like Midkemia, thievery is a commonplace occurrence despite the many varied attempts of nations to subdue such unlawful behavior. As a side-effect of a world where the criminal element are so invasive, it eventually has become necessary to create a relatively safe, anonymous way to turn stolen goods for profit, or even possibly recover them. Thankfully, three entrepreneurs, previously from the Crafting Gnomes Crafting Union, have decided to take it upon themselves to provide such a service(under the guise of providing some well-needed string to the denizens of Triagia).

They've set up a branch of their market in each of the cities, as well as Port Natal. For those interested in using their services, one first needs to find the appropriate "string" shop. Once there, one can use the following commands:

BLACKMARKET - shows the wares and reminds one of available commands.
BLACKMARKET SELL <item> <price> - Allows one to sell a 'hot' item on the Black Market.
BLACKMARKET BUY <item> - Allows one to purchase an item through the Black Market.
BLACKMARKET REMOVE <item> - Allows one to remove an item one placed on the Black Market.