THE KINGDOMS & GUILDS OF MIDKEMIA - Midkemia Online Online Help


10.1     Cities             The independent cities are the seats of power.
10.1.1   Guards             The system of guard employed by city-states. Raids              How to win friends and generally annoy your enemies.
10.1.2   Nationality        The overarching nations that encompass a city.
10.1.3     Free Cities      The unaligned Free Cities of Natal.
10.2     Guilds             Powerful factions with their own agendas.
10.2.1     Guild Ranks      The twenty ranks of guilds and tribes.
10.2.2     Guildmaster      The powerful elected leader of a guild.

10.3     Elvandar           Enchanted Forest of the immortal Eledhel.
10.3.1     Spellweavers     The weavers of magic, guardians of nature.
10.3.2     Queen's Guard    The sacred stewards and might of the forests.

10.4     Krondor            Western Capital of the Kingdom of the Isles.
10.4.1     Pathfinders      Royal pathfinders, noble and without equal.
10.4.2     Mockers          The unseen rulers of the criminal underworld.

10.5     Sar-Sargoth        Ancient City of the Dark Path.
10.5.1     Dragon Clan      A powerful cabal of forbidden, black sorceries.
10.5.2     Raven Clan       A clan that holds honor tantamount.

10.6     Stardock           The Legendary Stardock Academy.