The Human Race - Midkemia Online Online Help

4.12.3 The Human Race

The most widespread of all the races, humans can be found in every known
corner of Midkemia. Though not as long lived as other races, they are still
a force to be reckoned with. Easily adaptable, they turn their hand to
anything and everything, from battle to healing, humans are able to master
their chosen craft with just as much vivacity as any of the elder races.

  Starting City:       Krondor
  Racial Language:     Kingdom
  Secondary Language:  Open Choice (for Kingdom descendents)
                       Tsurani (for Tsurani descendents)
     o Collective Spirit
       - Grants increased experience gain from killing creatures while
         splitting experience in a Party
     o Adaptability
       - Open choice of secondary language
       - This advantage does not apply to Tsurani descendents
     o Unscrupulous Negotiators
       - Fines to remove enemy status cost 2% less to pay off