The Gods of Midkemia - Midkemia Online Online Help

11.1 The Gods of Midkemia

The Pantheon of Lesser Gods
Astalon, the Just                     |  Lims-Kragma, Drawer of Nets
Banath, the Nightwalker               |  Prandur, God of Fire
Dala, Shield of the Weak              |  Ruthia, Lady of Luck
Guis-wan, the Red-jawed Hunter        |  Silban, the Earthmother
Ka-hooli, the Howler After Fugitives  |  Sung, the White
Killian, Singer of Green Silences     |  Tith-Onanka, the War God

History of the Gods
The gods of Midkemia are enigmatic beings who are tied to the fabric of 
reality of the universe which Midkemia resides within. Each planet has 
their own gods, formed from the stuff of that world and shaped by the 

But it was not always like this ...

In the beginning there were two Gods who sat astride the cosmos weaving 
the "threads of power" and tearing asunder the fabric of reality in 
perfect balance. These gods were Rythar, Goddess of Order who weaved the 
strands and Mythar, God of Chaos who tore them apart. As was the nature of 
the universe, chaotic, ordered, and balanced. Some threads of power fell to 
Midkemia and so gave birth to the single most powerful race to enter 
Midkemia: the Valheru, who rode upon great dragons and wrought chaos and
destruction wherever their gazes fell.

Eventually, as with all things, change came to the Midkemia universe. The 
two blind Gods of the beginning, Rythar and Mythar, were deposed during a 
re-ordering of the universe as it sought further balance with the arrival 
of the Valheru. Without Rythar knitting the threads of power back 
together, the strings of power fell to Midkemia and became Gods of the 
new order.

There were a hundred new gods in Midkemia who formed from the threads of 
power, seven Greater Gods and ninety three Lesser Gods. The Valheru did 
not like the re-ordering of the universe where they were Lords and 
Masters, and so rose up as one to challenge these new Gods who would 
supplant them. The fosterling Gods of the beginning were new to their 
domain and contended with the Valheru, however many were slain or 
rendered powerless. Of the original hundred Gods only the Greater Gods 
and twelve Lesser Gods remained.

Of the remaining Lesser Gods, they each took up the mantle for which 
their nature suited, and some took up the guise and realm of a sibling 
who fell, a mantle which was important to the new order. To help contain 
the balance, each God's nature was personified, or perhaps these natures 
never existed and was classified by the mortals who came to worship 
them. Chaos, Order, and Balance (or Neutrality) now govern the remaining 
Lesser Gods' natures.