The Goblin Race - Midkemia Online Online Help

4.12.4 The Goblin Race

Fierce and brutal hunters, the Goblins infest the Green Heart forest,
Grey Tower mountains, and Northlands of Midkemia. Smaller than a Human,
Goblins have blue-green skin, large yellow eyes, thick browridges, and
curving fangs. The Goblins have long been allies of the Moredhel, and are
hated enemies with the Dwarves.

  Starting City:       Sar-Sargoth
  Racial Language:     Goblin
  Secondary Language:  Moredhel
     o Racial Enemy: Dwarves
       - Grants bonus damage against Dwarf players
     o Small Stature
       - Grants a bonus to remaining undetected while hidden
     o Killing Frenzy
       - Once per Midkemian day, a Goblin can FRENZY
       - A killing frenzy makes the Goblin's next telegraph (skill delay)
         twice as fast