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4.9 The Fellowship of Explorers

What It Is
The Fellowship of Explorers is an organization formed to honor true explorers.

Who Are Members
All mortal Midkemians are members in the Fellowship of Explorers.

How to Gain Rank
Though all mortals (as noted above) are members, not all have a ranking in the Fellowship of Explorers. To gain rank, explore! The exact amount of exploration needed to gain your first rank in the Fellowship changes over time, and is currently between three and four hundred new places.

If you are unranked as of yet (See RANKINGS EXPLORERS), then keep at it! You will be soon enough.

What Benefits Are There?
As your rank in the Fellowship of Explorers increases, you will gain experience. The amount of experience you gain only accumulates for every few new locations you explore, and is small, but adds up to a pretty decent amount if you are a dedicated explorer.

How to Lose Rank
As new lands are discovered, your rank in the Fellowship may actually decrease. This is because your rank in the Fellowship depends on how much of the known world you have explored. If you do not keep the boots dusty, as the Eledhel saying goes, your prowess as an explorer will diminish. Your rank may be seen in RANKINGS EXPLORERS ME, or just RANKINGS EXPLORERS, or SCORE. Others may see it in HONORS or RANKINGS EXPLORERS.

What doesn't count
Certain kinds of exploration will not affect your rank:
- Exploring while following someone else
- Exploring in a newbie area (Frontier and Eggerson)
- Exploring in any private home
- Exploring in the Soul Plane, Limbo, or the Plane of Creation
- Exploring in the stockroom of a denizen's shop (which you
  should not be able to do anyway)
- Exploring by use of the DIR or PATH FIND system (see HELP DIRECTIONS)
- Exploring in a Guildhall
- Exploring in Sect Temples or any temple environment

  will show you a ranked list of the greatest explorers in the land.

  Itinerant Traveler
  Pilgrim Errant
  Desert Roamer
  Visionary of Distance
  Seeker of Horizons
  Continental Wanderer
  Pioneer of the Unknown
  Penetrator of the Depths
  Explorer of Uncharted Lands
  Questor of the Beyond
  Messenger of the Outer Reaches
  Aspiring Midkemian Riftwalker
  Midkemian Riftwalker