The Eledhel Race - Midkemia Online Online Help The Eledhel Race

The graceful Eledhel dwell deep within Elvandar in their treetop city. Ruled
over by the wise and lovely Queen Aglaranna and her consort Tomas they rarely
ventured out into the rest of Midkemia, though with the Rift wars their
presence has become more common within the world that they fought to defend
against an invading army. Legendary the world over for their gifts with nature
magic and their bonds with the forest they call home, they are swift of foot
and of mind.

  Starting City:       Elvandar
  Racial Language:     Eledhel
  Secondary Language:  Kingdom
     o Magical Affinity
       - Eledhel take less damage from magical sources
     o Immortal Nature
       - Eledhel need to eat less frequently
       - Eledhel need to sleep less frequently
     o Elder Lore
       - Eledhel can sense locations of lingering Valheru power
     o Legendary Perception
       - Eledhel can detect hidden targets more accurately