The Dwarf Race - Midkemia Online Online Help

4.12.1 The Dwarf Race

Shorter in stature than humans, the dwarves are known for their martial skills
and respected for their abilities with metals and stone, carving into the
rocks to provide the finest swords and armor across the lands. Dwelling in
villages and cities within the mountains, they enter human society when need
demands it. Despite their fighting abilities, dwarves are just at home in a
pasture, or a meadhall, as they are in the field of battle.

  Starting City:       Krondor
  Racial Language:     Dwarven
  Secondary Language:  Kingdom
     o Racial Enemy: Goblins
       - Grants bonus damage against Goblin players
     o Merry Warriors
       - Dwarves take less damage while intoxicated
     o Mythical Miners
       - Dwarves have an increased chance of unearthing resource nodes in
         mountain and underground environments