The Basics of Combat - Midkemia Online Online Help

13.1 The Basics of Combat


The primary goal of combat is to defeat your opponent. This can be achieved in multiple ways, from reducing your opponent's health to zero, to inflicting so many wounds and afflictions that your opponent can no longer react or setting him or her up for an "instant kill".

Using an attack command initiates some form of attack, which will complete at a later time depending on the particular skill and your own abilities. In the meantime, it is the responsibility of the defender to perform an appropriate defense. Failing to do so will result in injury, which will greatly reduce your ability to fight and defend yourself.

For example, part of a fight may look like this:

Mikar draws back his rapier across his body, poising himself to lunge.
100 health, 200 endurance xb A:50%- DODGE
You prepare yourself to dodge the next incoming attack.
100 health, 200 endurance b A:50%-
Stepping forward, Mikar uncoils his body into a lightning fast rapier thrust. You twirl to the side, dodging the blow.
100 health, 200 endurance b A:45%-
You have regained defensive equilibrium.
100 health, 200 endurance xb A:45%-

For physical attacks, there are essentially six categories: touch, slash, stab, splash, shoot and unblockable. Different classes have different types of defenses to each of these, each more effective against some types of attacks than others. In the example above, a dodge was wisely used against a lunging attack. On the other hand, a block may have been less effective, and a duck may have proved disastrous. The particular defenses available can all be learned in the Fighting skillset.

Injuries take significant time and effort to heal, so they are not to be taken lightly. Accordingly, combat generally ends when the loser is too severely injured to keep up the fight, at which point he or she is defeated.